From Grand Rapids to Chicago

I met Brian when he was about three years old. We both grew up on the same street in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I knew he lives in The City now, but I was only connected to him via Facebook. I haven’t seen Brian in person since we were both kids. I was a bossy kid. Because I was such a jerky kid, I was pretty sure this was how Brian remember me. I was beyond pleased when he contacted me to photograph his sweet family, including his new baby girl.

It is so great to run into people who you share childhood memories with. These people are irreplaceable. Even better, is that I was able to now meet Brian’s beautiful and super sweet wife MJ.

Life is so crazy. I love how photography has given me the opportunity to connect with so many people. It has also helped me to circle back to old friends. Daphne is such a blessing and I am just so grateful that I was able to photograph this special time in Brian and MJ’s life.
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While writing this post I was listening to Ryan Adams. 


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