6 Months Old!

Lucy is simply a doll. I didn’t even have to try to get her to smile because she was already smiling. She is just pure joy. We spent the evening at Herrick Lake, while I snapped photographs of this sweet family of three. We taked about how Lucy has been such a sweet addition to this family.
Her parents are both teachers like my husband and I are and this session made me flashback to when Jason and I first became parents.

This session was a perfect way to celebrate the end of summer. The light was golden and perfect. Also. let’s talk about Lucy’s hat. I was swooning over it the whole evening. I have seen few things cuter than that hat, add Lucy to the hat and the cuteness meter explodes.

Photography is great because I am able to get to know people better. While, taking photographs, I am always smiling behind the camera. This couple moved from a sweet family that I knew through friends, to my friends.

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While writing this post, I was listening to Mumford and Sons in Charlevoix, Michigan. Stay tuned for why I love Northern Michigan in a later post.

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