The Bar Method Naperville

I started going to The Bar Method in Naperville soon after I had my middle child, August. After a few years attending classes, my skills have not improved. I am still the most awkward duckling in a room full of swans, but somehow my confidence has grown. My buns are tighter, my legs leaner and I have shed more than a few pounds after having babies by attending these classes. The thing I love most about Bar Method Naperville is the friends I have made. As I have said, I am far from a superstar in this class, but I have friendships that have grown, and much like Cheers, I have a group who welcomes me and knows my name. Owner Stephanie leads the pack and she has become one of my dear friends. I am thankful for this group. Health is a huge focus in my life these days and this community has encouraged me and pushed me to be better. I hope to see you around in class soon, I’ll be the one the teacher has to keep correcting.

Photographer for the Bar Method Naperville

While working on this post, I was listening to Fleetwood Mac. 

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