A Spring Session on the Riverwalk in Naperville


When I met this sweet family I was immediately impressed. As they unloaded from their car where we met near the Riverwalk in Naperville, I saw that they have not one, not two, not three, but four amazing and beautiful children. I love meeting families with young children with similar ages to my own children. It reminds me that these years when they are little are so special. They smile when grown-ups say silly things and are easily impressed when they find a cool stick or leaf on the ground. These are the years when life is good. I love having small children and theses photographs of this family remind me how wonderful these years are.  I am tired and sometimes getting everyone in the tub and then to bed on time is the worst, but I love it and photographing families reminds me of how this is the greatest part of my life thus far.

The four youngest of this family were very excited to have popcorn after our photo session and I hope they had a fun time.

Naperville Lifestyle Photographer


While writing the post, I was listening to Coldplay and I am more than a little excited that we just got our tickets to see them at Soiler Field in July.





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