A Miracle

I met Marlene a few years back at the school were we both teach. She is that super dedicated teacher who is there every weekend and late into the night working tirelessly in her classroom. It seems each time I run into school on a weekend to do a quick errand, or just grab something I forgot, she is there. Dedicated. She makes me feel like I should be doing more. Just one of the reasons I like her.I was thrilled when she told me she and her husband Alex were expecting their first baby. Soon, she told me that the baby was a boy and I was elated. Through quick meetings between classes in the hall or after school, I would give wanted or unwanted quick pregnancy advice. Maybe it’s all woman who have given birth, or maybe it is just me, but I always feel the need to give advice to new moms. I’m that lady. I imagine I’m pretty annoying.Toward the end of the school year, we got bad news. Marlene was in the hospital and delivered her sweet baby boy early. The baby was fine, but Marlene was not and in a dire state. I was beyond worried. I couldn’t sleep and like a total idiot I was sending her Facebook messages of encouragement, even when I knew she was not in a state to read them. It was a bad time. Hope, worry and prayers.Flash forward to a few months later and this family is home from the hospital and living as people do with a new baby in the house. Snuggles and awe over this perfect baby. This family is a true miracle. I cannot say how grateful and blessed I feel that I was chosen photograph this perfect family. Marlene, Alex and Xander.

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While writing this, I was following my Sunday tradition of listening to This American Life.

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