Hanging Out in East Grand Rapids

I first met Michael many years ago when we both worked at Applebee’s. We were both working through college to become teachers, but on the weekends, we waited tables. During this time, MTV had reality shows that we were both addicted to. When we saw each other at work, we would compare notes about the latest episodes and chat about all of the reality start gossip. We both had a sense for dry humor which made working together at Applebee’s fun. Later we both became teachers and besides Facebook, our paths didn’t cross.

Flash forward to current time, Michael has a beautiful wife and two adorable boys. During my last trip to Grand Rapids, I was so happy when Michael connected me to photograph his family. His boys are perfect little replicas of their parents.  They each have personalities that are so different and it warmed my heart to hear that these little guys are best friends. So cute! Through these boys, I learned that the Ninja Turtles are still big. That excites me for obvious reasons as the characters from my childhood are still going strong. I need to catch up on these pizza through turtles so I can introduce my own children. This session also taught me about little boy humor. I need to get used to this as my own little guy begins to talk. These two little guys gave me a sneak peek into my future.

The best part of photography is that I get to connect with so many people, old friends and new. This session was especially cool because the last time I saw Michael were both in a completely different phase of life. Time changes things. College was good, but now things are even better.  I loved meeting Michael’s family and I was so happy to connect with them.

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While writing this post, I was listening to The Cold War Kids.



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