Magical Reeds Lake


Each time I am in Grand Rapids I am drawn to Reeds Lake. Sailboats, ice cream shops and one of my favorite restaurants of all time, Rose’s. I daydream about teaching at the middle school that faces the lake, the lake a backdrop for all my lessons. The yacht club provides sailing lessons. On any given day, it handles a litter of magical sailboats that sprinkle the lake.  I think about how great it would be to attend football games at the high school stadium which is right in the center of town and also faces the lake. Talk about picturesque Friday nights each fall. East Grand Rapids is right out of a storybook which is why I choose to spend time there and also photograph my beautiful clients there.
I love this family. This is my second time photographing this perfect trio. Whitney and I have become friends through our mutual friend Christopher. Her husband Brandon is also as genuine as they come. Whitney owns Brindle and Blonde in Grand Rapids so you can imagine her style is always amazing. It feels so good to know this family and even better that they have invited me once again to photograph their sweet family. I have a feeling this sweet baby boy will be spending lots of time near Reeds Lake. Football games, swimming, sailing and ice cream shops, I have imagined it all.

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This time while blogging, I wasn’t listening to a cool band or podcast. I was watching the Disney Channel with my sweet daughter who wasn’t feeling too well. We hung out in mom and dad’s bed, while baby brother napped.

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