90th Birthday Celebration

I have know this family for a long time. I taught with Melissa in Arizona and through our many years of friendship, I have always heard stories of her grandma, “Ma.” Though I have only met Ma in person a few times, the stories I have heard about her make me feel like I know her and she is a part of my own family.
Imagine being ninety years old. Ma has so many stories to tell, so much life experience and still remains a beautiful woman with an ever expanding family. I loved watching Ma interact with her family. I think the part that made me smile the most was when her elderly friends and family members to told me that they had a driver to the party. They had a van stop at each of their homes and was waiting for them outside. They were excited.
I also loved watching Ma’s new great grandson interact with family members who are almost 100 years his elders. What different lives they will live.
I loved listening to Pat catch up with her brothers. They have know each other for longer than many of us will be alive and they were so excited to see each other and chat. I couldn’t help but wonder if my own children may have a similar fate in their future, I hope so.
Pat’s 90th birthday celebration was perfect and her smile is even more so.





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While writing this post, I was listening to Billie Holiday.

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