Chicago Family Photographer: First Time Out

So now, I’m a Chicago family photographer. In middle school, I wasn’t and middle school is where I met Russ. We both grew up in Grand Rapids, Michigan and attended the same private school for seventh and eighth grade. Besides Facebook, we  lost touch for literally 20 years. Russ has lived all over and he and Lindsey moved to Chicago and then to my area in Naperville. Lindsey is awesome because besides being  generally cool, we both like the exact same shows. We are a TV match. I have been honored to know this awesome family and was so pleased to photograph their sweet daughter on her first official day outside. I hope one day Russ and Lindsey will tell Maisie about the short time they lived in Naperville and the time daddy’s long lost friend from middle school took their family photographs. I will miss these three when they move to Traverse City all too soon. I wish these three all the best in their new adventure in Traverse City. After all, Traverse City is a lovely place for Maisie to grow up, almost as nice as Naperville.

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