A Spring Night on the Prairie

I love photographing at the prairie near my home. I love the golden colors, the ever-changing flower blooms, the unpredictable and lovely color changes, just everything. It never looks quite the same each time I visit, but I always find myself in awe of the way the light hits the plain. It is truly one of my favorite places, which I why I love photography so many wonderful people there.

Families with small children are close to my heart. I enjoy exchanging parenting notes and laughing. It is a time when parents are tired, joyful, exploding with love while also trying to balance it all. I feel like I have been a parent of small children for so long, yet I know these years will fade quickly, and when they do, I will want to have evidence of these years. This is just one of the many reasons my photography work is so important to me. I meet wonderful people, and I am able to deliver photographs of a beautiful chapter of their lives. This is what is essential to me and the core of what I do.

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While working on this post, I was listening to Depeche Mode. 


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