Welcome Naomi

I love lifestyle sessions at home. When I look back at the photographs from my life, the ones I hold closest are not the ones where my hair was styled perfectly (in an 80s poof) and my dress matched my sister’s. The perfectly planned photographs bring me a good laugh, but I don’t have a deep connection to those photographs or memory of the specific day.  The photographs from home are so special because they bring back feelings of comfort, love and the pure joy of childhood. I love looking back at old photographs to see how our family home has changed. I find that though they are now out of style, I’m happy to see old wallpaper and my favorite childhood blankets making appearances throughout my family albums. This is why I have so excited when Yvonne decided to invite me to her home for their family session to welcome Naomi. I was even more thrilled when I found out the Pan family bought Yvonne’s childhood home. Now, Yvonne and her children will both have memories of being carefree children in this wonderful home.

The family gathered for our lifestyle session to welcome sweet Naomi. She is the perfect fit for both this home and this family.

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While working on this post, I was listening to Radical Face.


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