Naperville Newborn Photographer: The Start of Something Great

If you know about me even just a bit, you know I love being a mother. The moment Lila was born was the single greatest experience of my life and every choice I have made, including my photography business has been guided by my family. I love photographing every stage of life, but my heart overflows with when a child is welcomed into a home. It is the start of something great. The whole home has shifted, the couple has changed and the course of life evolved for the better. Sometimes the welcoming of the first child is the first of many children who will fill the home and sometimes they are the one and only. It doesn’t matter, this is a magical time.

Maybe it is because I’m a mother three times over or maybe it is because I started watching This is Us and I’m feeling all mushy, but newborn session feel extra special lately. They mark the beginning of a whole new adventure. Trips to the zoo, sleepless nights, preschool, kindergarten, the sassy threes, college choices, wedding toasts, tears, love, heartbreak, all of it……..


This session in Chicago was just perfect. I showed up to this family’s home, my cameras in hand. The props included their sweet baby and their home because that’s all you need…….

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While writing this post I was listening to Yusuf Islam

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