Changing Leaves

Making the decision to leave my classroom was hard for me this year. I have a new sweet baby, two other children, and a thriving business to run, but it was still hard. I may have shed a tear or two when I walked by the back to school display at Target this August. Who ever thought the smell of crayons would become an emotional trigger? Photography is my passion, it runs through my veins, interrupts my dreams and keeps me awake at night with blooming ideas, yet still I missed teaching. A new sense of wholeness developed when I came to the realization that I should teach workshops. I have attended many photography workshops and I have learned and grew so much. I continue to attend and participate in photo workshops because I am addicted to new knowledge- these workshops fuel my ideas. Through taking these workshops I also know, I can teach. And I am a darn good teacher.  I have an abundance of knowledge to share and through workshops is where my fancy degrees and teaching experience come into practice to help others. I am a teacher- just now my students are adults and not 10-year-old Harry Potter addicts. ( I hope some of my students are still Harry Potter addicts BTW)

This session was photographed during my September workshop in Naperville and my next stop for workshops is Grand Rapids. I cannot wait!



Thank Drew and Francesco for agreeing to model for this workshop for me. I have known Drew for a few years and she was one of my biggest cheerleaders I started to grow my photography business in Chicago after moving from Phoenix. Her support and kind words have always meant so much to me.

Thank you! Thank you!

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While writing this post. I was listening to Paul Simon. 

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