Graceful Boudoir

In a hallway on the upstairs level of my grandmother’s house was a huge wall of framed family photographs. There were photographs of she and my grandpa, a collection of baby photographs, my cousin’s cheerleading pictures and a few of my dad when he was young that were a haunting reminder of how we resemble each other. In this collection was a headshot of my grandmother wearing a black dress. She was young, flawless and not smiling into the camera but rather staring deeply into the lens, almost challenging it to find another with such poise and grace. This was far removed from the grandmother I knew, the women with warm hugs, cross stitch designs on her sweaters and always ready to play a game of cards with me at her kitchen table. The women in the black and white photograph was unquestionably radiant. There was a time when I  thought it would be vain to have photographs taken of myself. As a photographer, I even strayed away from boudoir photography for a time. I guess I thought it would be awkward. As with many things, I was wrong.

Boudoir photography does not have to fit into a strict definition of sexy. Boudoir can be graceful, radiant and of course poised. The goal of this type of photo session is to make you feel confident and beautiful by creating a collection of truly gorgeous photographs.

This photoshoot was taken during my Septemeber workshop at my home.

Your collection of boudoir photographs should celebrate your beauty. The  framed black and white photograph hanging in my grandmother’s hall reminded me that there was a time when she was a timeless beauty before she was my grandmother.

Hair: Hair by Spair

Floral Design: Gromeza Floral Design


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