A Lovely Baby Shower in the City by A Perfect Event

When an event is planned by Debi Lilly, magic happens. The details are so vast, it takes time for your mind to soak it all in. When you reflect on the intricate details, pure awe hits.
From an array of hors d’oeuvres, delicate desserts, cotton candy infused champagne, and of course, whimsical plates carried in just weeks ago from France. The ora was pure celebration and friendship to celebrate the arrival of Suzzane and Vasillis’ sweet baby girl. This was a gorgeous celebration and my heart is so full after attending this shower. This precious baby girl is already surrounded by love and so many are anticipating her June arrival already.

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While writing this post I was listening to St. Lucia. This band reminds me of the 80s and I LOVE the 80s.

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