Ashlyn: Naperville Central Senior


I never thought I would enjoy photographing seniors, but I do.  This session is one of those experiences which made me realize senior portraits are fun. There is something about this time in life which is eternally classic. From The Breakfast Club, to Friday Night Lights, the story is the same. There are cheerleaders, jocks, cool kids and nerds  but in high school all of these groups are invincible. High School is a time when youth is king and the future is wide open. This semester I have a high school intern and I find that I have turned into that old lady who is constantly asking her what is cool. She must laugh about me constantly. The thing is, even though I can say that I have learned so much in my years, (which I have) there is something just amazing about the fresh perspective of high school students. 

Just watching the potential in Ashlyn makes me smile. She is right in that stage where she is deciding on colleges and carving her path. From the first five minutes of her session, I knew she was super sweet girl with style.  She is eager to start college and study abroad. I cannot wait to see what  path she will take and adventures that await her. 

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