Promontory Point

I love Instagram. It is my favorite page to look at to keep up with my friends as well as find inspiration from other photographers and artists. I often change who I follow to gain fresh ideas and to keep my feed interesting. I have followed Amanda Jane Jones since we first moved to the Chicago area. Her family is adorable and her design work is perfection. I have been following her feed for years because it is a combination of minimal design with day to day family life. It is impossible not to be drawn in.  You can imagine how pleased I was to be able to photograph this sweet family at one of my new favorite parks in Chicago, Promontory Point.

Believe it or not, meeting new people always makes me nervous. Though I have chatted with Amanda a bit over email, within minutes I felt as though I had know this trio for years. Cree and I both have taught and of course Jane is perhaps the happiest kid in Chicago.

Jane and I were fast friends, she was happy to be photographed and to act as my second photographer. She was eager to be my helper and I was happy to have her help. As this family of three waits on the arrival of their sweet baby boy, I wish them all the best as they continue their adventures as a family of four.

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While editing, uploading and blogging I was listening to Men at Work.

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