Love Story: Karl and Mary


It’s hard to explain how excited I get when friends of mine get engaged. I am polite and congratulate them, but it my head I am hoping that they contact me to photograph their wedding. It’s because I love what I do, and I know I can give each wedding couple a collection of priceless photographs. The story of their wedding day should be photographed in a way that shows detail, love and the feeling, I know I can do that for couples. At the end of each wedding, I am exhausted, my feet hurt and my whole body is sore, but my heart is full. That is why I am so excited for each wedding that I photograph.
I met Karl and Mary through teaching. My husband and Karl teach together and are good friends so it wasn’t long before I met Mary. You can imagine how my heart did a flip and I did a happy dance after they asked me to document their wedding.
Karl and Mary’s wedding centered around family and friends. Their love for their family is unmeasurable.  The importance of family and togetherness was the theme of this day, it showed through every aspect of this wedding. Karl and Marry love their friends and family, and each other.

The day was perfect. Rain clouds only made the backdrop more magnificent. This wedding was a true celebration and I loved every minute of it.

Thank you for choosing me to document this day for you. I love you two!


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Wedding Venue: St. James Catholic Church

Reception: Pinstripes





It was hard to choose which photographs to include in this post. While I writing and posting photographs, I was listening to Airborne Toxic Event. 













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