Film Wedding Photographer: A New Kind of Client Meeting

Being a film wedding photographer means that my clients are an exceptional group who deserve a unique service. Meeting my potential wedding clients is important and a proper meeting place is a key part to a successful meeting. I am outlawing the Starbucks meetings as part of my business plan. Don’t get me wrong, Starbucks will remain a part of my daily routine, but it is no longer a place where I will meet my clients. Film wedding photography is unique, thus even our first meeting should be unique.

As our new home is almost complete, I have been busy designing a new client meeting area. I am honest when I tell you that my clients have become my friends, so I think our first meeting is important. We can still have coffee, but in fancy cups while looking at wedding albums and chatting about life. Wine, coffee, and conversation all in a space designed for my clients. I can’t wait.



Film wedding photographer

Iphone photograph of our new home

Pinterest Inspiration for New Client Space



While writing this post and daydreaming about my new space, I was listening to Beck.


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