Fine Art Wedding Photography: A Mountain Sunset


Elysian. adjective. beautiful or creative; divinely inspired; peaceful and perfect.


This day.


I love film photography. Right now, about 25% percent of my photography work is in film and I hope to continue to increase that percentage as the year goes on. Film feels like an art form to me. I love the anticipation of sending my film off and waiting for the results. The smooth softness of film images is timeless.
While using film, I experiment with light, record my results and then wait. Film is a true art unblemished by Photoshop and digital manipulation which has become popular.

I lived in Arizona for five years and was glad to go back for a visit and to attend Daniel Kim’s workshop. During this trip, I was able to escape to chill of Chicago winter and feel the sunlight on my skin. This workshop helped me to grow in film photography and collaborate with other film photographers.
I had almost forgotten what it felt like to see humming birds fluttering in the winter. This trip almost made me want to move back, or at least plan more trips in the winter.


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Photography: Riddle Road Photography

Workshop Taught by: Daniel and Ashley Kim
Florals by: Carte Blanch Design
Styled by: Ayofemi 

Ribbon and Linen: Silk and Willow
Calligraphy: Foil and Ink
Linen: Latavola Linen
HMU: @biggirlveronica
Model: @fordrbaaz / @krynkaoa @abmontoya
Venue: Saguaro Lake Ranch

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