My Driving Force

My driving force. The who and what I am. I have been reflecting on why I’m so enamored with photography. To get to the root of who I am, I have thought deeply and reflected on my life. This somehow brought me to make a list of the things that are most important to me. After my family, my photographs are my most valuable possessions, though there is one special album which is above the others. One that is irreplaceable and I don’t know where I would be without.

When I was small, I had a little brother. He is not here any longer. I’m not sure if I truly remember him, or if his photographs have just always helped me remember. These pieces of paper remind me that we were in each other’s presence and loved each other even though it was so long ago. Without these photographs, I’m not sure that I would still see his eyes, smile and laugh in my mind. I don’t think of my brother Johnny each day anymore, though I  will carry his photographs with me throughout my life. We share the same eye shape; me, my children, and my brother Johnny. Through these eyes I see him. 


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