Book Club: The Giver

I love to read. Many friends are always asking me what I am reading or for suggestions so I thought I would start this section on my blog.

Before talking about this book, let me first state that I have no idea how I have avoided reading this book for so long. I am an elementary school teacher, I have been a student and I am alive so I am not sure how it was avoided so long, but I just finished, The Giver. 

Jonas is a young boy living in a utopia society. The people in his community live pain free and emotionally void lives. This creates a peaceful yet homogeneous climate. The children in the society are called to a ceremony the year they turn twelve to receive their assignment for adulthood so that they may begin proper training. Jonas is assigned the “Receiver of  Memories” and promptly begins his training with “The Giver.” By receiving the memories Jonas discovers the meaning of happiness, love and pain. Only after carrying these memories does Jonas discover the darkness within his community and he is faced with a life altering choice.

The writing style in the book took my breath away. Lois Lowry maintains rigid practicality when describing the society which is true to the character of the setting, yet manages to pull on the heart strings through her hero, Jonas. The relationship between Jonas and his family made me most reflective, and I still ponder the meaning of their interactions.  I could not but this novel down. The climax gave me actual anxiety and the ending kept me wanting more. Once in a while, I read a novel that keeps me thinking and reflecting long after I have stopped turning the pages and The Giver did not disappoint.

Though labeled a children’s novel, I promise it is much more. Be sure to leave me a comment to tell me what you thought.

the giver

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