My Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan

This past weekend we took a trip up to Michigan to celebrate my cousin’s graduation party. I did not take my camera with me this time and this proved to be a wise choice. We were just there a little over a day, but traveling with two small children is nuts.  The three and a half hour ride sounds like a short trip, but add a dog and two kids and things are bound to get crazy. My six month old slept the whole way there and back and let’s just say my three year old didn’t. Thank goodness my husband is a patient man.


There are so many things I love about Michigan. During my visits in the past few years, one of my favorite parts about going back is watching Grand Rapids evolve into a progressive and exciting city. I love visiting the array of coffee shops including Madcap and The Bitter End Coffee House. I love the movies in the park and watching the crowds gather for these from my window at the Amway.

My hometown is truly a great place and my heart is happy when I am there. Next time, I will bring my camera.


Grand Rapids

( iphone photo)

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