Midwest Photographer: Right Now

Lately, I have found myself stuck thinking, “ I can’t wait until…..” Right now, I keep telling anyone who will listen that I can’t wait until summer. Since I am a school teacher, summer is a pretty standard time to look forward to.

Though it is true that I am looking forward to summer, I also find that I always have event or achievement which I can’t wait until. I always have. Until counting down until the next event or achievement, I need to start enjoying right now.

When I was single, I could not wait until I found the one. Going out dancing with my friends was an exciting time too, we had so much fun. My husband was right around the corner and we found each other at the right time.

When we were trying to have kids, I could not wait to be pregnant. I was so anxious about it. Snuggling with my husband and sleeping in was a great time too. Our babies were right around the corner and they came when they were ready. They came at the right time.

Along with summer, I can’t wait until this little fella sleeps through the night. Summer is right around the corner and maybe sleep is too but until then, it is pretty special to wake up to this sweet little face.


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