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I met Amy a few years ago while we were both teachers working on the math committee. She was single and I was married with a little girl. We ended up chatting and having lunch together during each of our meetings. Amy and I didn’t meet together each day, but one of my favorite parts of our friendship is how we can always just pick up in the exact spot where we left.  As the years passed I had another child, then later another and somewhere along the way; Amy started telling me about Tanner. Her eyes lite up when she chatted about both Tanner and his daughter. Later down the road, the two became engaged and later still, they asked me to photograph their wedding.

Life is so unpredictable. You never know how you will impact someone else’s life or how they will impact yours. I am so happy that I met Amy at that math meeting. Because our paths crossed,  I was able to become her colleague and friend. During the wedding, I was able to witness how Amy treasures her family. Both Tanner and Amy are close with their families and watching the two families unite to celebrate was joyous.

I am so thankful for you Amy and Tanner and I want to hear all about Italy!

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