Unraveling Lifestyle Photography: A Chicago Photography Workshop

The photographs I love the most just aren’t staged or posed. They hold real memories and laughter even if someone’s hair is not perfect or the house is a mess. I truly cannot remember my grandfather. He passed when I was young, but my memories of him have been built because of the photographs of him that I have. That’s why our work as photographers is important. Photographs don’t only preserve memories, but they build memories. The good ones aren’t staged.

Being a lifestyle photographer means understanding emotions and actions that make humans unique. Through my work, I have strived to show genuine emotions and authentic experiences. Lifestyle photographs are natural, but there is a process that makes it possible to capture the rawest emotions of humanity. Raw emotions are what drives my work and I am pleased to share my process and workflow with you. Each shoot should tell a story which is personal and moving both to your clients and potential clients. When I stopped trying to be like every other photographer who I imagined was more successful than me and started creating work that I love, my work became a business that I love. I love lifestyle photography so much and keep working to present my clients with work they will hold onto through their years. Let’s carve your path and your vision together. Some photographers specialize in just one area, but I can’t. Life just has too many chapters and I want to share them all.


April 30th



*Creating a vision before and during shoot

*Reading emotions and adjusting

*Understanding how lighting creates mood in both digital and film photography

*Branding  and Creating Strong Connections with Small Numbers to Drive Your Work

*Developing Vision and Using it as a Guide

*Real Life Shoot: A Cozy Lifestyle Engagement Session

*Real Life Shoot: A Unique Bridal Session

*Real Life Session: A Family of Three

*Lunch and snacks will be provided of course

*both film and digital folks are welcome

Investment: $500 ( 50% due to hold your spot and the other 50% is due one month before) 




How do you know this workshop is good for you? 

I am also a teacher with a master’s degree in education. After our time together your will leave feeling challenged and a full heart.

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