A Naperville Engagement: Andy and Anne

Sitting at my dining room table on an evening in August, talking about life, photographs and some chatter about Netflix. Sipping wine and lots of laughs.  That’s how many of my client meetings go and that’s how this one went. They already knew my style so then I talked to them about how I provide both film and digital images, how I feel your collection should look like a story and not just a compilation of over posed and over edited  images which  just won’t stand the test of time. Then I moved into how I want people to feel the emotion of the day and your story just by looking at your collection. I want  your grandkids will feel like they were there on your wedding day with you when they see your photographs. After I talked about all of that and how this is my life’s work, we got to the good stuff; why Friday Night Lights is one of the best shows ever.


Flash forward to the evening of Andy and Anne’s engagement session. We chatted, laughed and generally had a blast. I love spending time with my clients and these two are no exception.  Anne and Andy have been together for years and that is just one of the many things I love about this couple.  Their relationship has stood the test of time but they are still  giddy around each other. They make each other laugh, are excited to see one another and just lite up when they talk about their future. We walked through this woods and talked about everything from their registry, vacations, and memories from college. I’m already daydreaming about their wedding photographs, but I just have to wait until July.




Which working on this post, I was listening to Band of Horses.


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