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The days feel so long as I wait for our third child to arrive. He is set to arrive any day and each pinch or sign of discomfort makes me sure he is coming soon. Needless to say, he is not here yet and poor Jason is getting sick of my complaining.

Summer brings a comforting routine to our home despite Lila and Auggie’s large amounts of energy (they are wild ones) . Lately, I have been looking for daily guidance to help pave the way for this next phase of life as I prepare to focus on home life and business exclusively. One semi-cheesy thing I like to read each day is notes from the universe. You sign up by plugging in your email address and general goals and each morning a unique note of encouragement floats to your inbox. Right now, I feel great about what is ahead. I feel a new freedom with my evolved focus which is centered around my family and  business. It is as though I am finally becoming who I was always meant to be. So many doors have opened lately which remind me that I am on the right path. It feels good.

Auggie and Lila and I have been playing outside on the new playset a ton while Daddy is at work. We even added a little pool to the end of the slide for the hot afternoon. Be sure to check out those photos on my Instagram.  I also may or may not be occasionally hanging out in the kiddy pool in my maternity swimsuit.(no images of that will ever be published, I’m a whale)

Right now, the days feel like they are dragging as I impatiently wait for our third baby, but I know that’s about to change soon……

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. ” -e.e. cummings



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Some things I picked up to get ready for baby:



Bassinet for the Stroller



Cute Baby Blankets

Milestone Cards

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