A Naperville Love Story: Mark and Lisa

I was pleased when I was asked to photograph Mark and Lisa’s Naperville wedding, and was even more honored when I realized  how precious their story is.

I first heard of Lisa soon after my family and I moved to Naperville. My husband had to go to a funeral one day to support a co-worker, that co-worker was Lisa and the funeral was for her son Charlie. Needless to say, this family was on my heart, even before we met.

I finally met Lisa, one day at an outing with my husband’s coworkers and she made me smile the instant we started chatting. I even told other friends about Lisa’s hilarious sense of humor and her uplifting spirit.  I was so excited when she invited me to meet with her and Mark to discuss their wedding plans. I loved the story of their engagement; Lisa called out to Mark that they should get married while he was cutting the grass. After eight years together, this was the official engagement and it was perfect.

Through storms of sorrow this relationship has survived, all the while  the couple’s friends and family have stood by them. The best part of this wedding, was that every person at the wedding and even those looking down from heaven had a significant role in Lisa and Mark’s lives. All who were in attendance have been there to support, pray and celebrate with them. Each guest added to their love story. It was a beautiful day.

The dress, the laughter, the celebration and the love; all of it was perfect.

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