A Charlevoix Love Story

This Charlevoix wedding was one of my favorite wedding weekends of all time. I was able to spend time in Northern Michigan and reunite with friends that I hadn’t seen since I moved away from Phoenix. I taught middle school with the bride and she is a friend I have missed for the past few years like crazy. In Arizona, we taught together, hung out on weekends and even bought houses near each other. This fall wedding was truly a reunion that filled my heart.

This weekend was filled with friends, family, laughter and memories we will all look back on often and hold dear. This really wasn’t just a wedding, but a weekend full of love. Fall in Charlevoix is ideal, right out of a storybook. The quaint shops, small town and of course Lake Michigan are the setting for a lovely weekend weekend.

Danielle and Zach have been a pair for years. From Michigan to Arizona and back to Pure Michigan again, this love story has not only withheld years, but two cross country moves. The best part of this day, was knowing the bride and groom are so close, that they even wrote similar letters to each other before walking down the aisle. Two hearts, two minds, one beautiful love story and a whole lot of dancing.


” I carry your heart with me

I carry it in my heart”

-E.E Cummings

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