Life Lately: The June Edition

June has passed and July is here. Today, Jason and I have been married for six years. Six years which have brought us two sweet babies, love, and more laughter than tears.

June was not an easy month. We were elated with the news of an addition to our family, then saddened when this addition was no more. As our hearts are healing, we are looking to the future. We still have so many wonderful things to be thankful for, including our two crazy kids.

Being a school teacher during the year means I get to stay home with Lila and August in the summer while Jason is off teaching summer school. Our mornings are filled with books and games including, “camping” and “picnic.” In the afternoons we go on walks or if the weather allows, play in the sprinkler.

I am counting down to August when our new home with be complete. We close the Friday before school starts. Busy! Busy! In the meantime,  I have been working away on Pinterest and daydreaming about each room in our new home. So much happening….

Chicago Film Photographer Chicago Film Photographer 6441_33Chicago film photographer

Chicago film photographer 8189_17

These photographer were taken using my film camera.

While writing this post, I was listening to Bon Iver.

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