Life Lately: The May Edition

This blog originally started as a family blog. I named it Riddle Road to document the Riddle family journey, and it later flourished into a business, Riddle Road Photography. In keeping with the fundamental intentions with this blog, I should post a family update.

All is well in our house. Auggie is ever trying to keep up with his big sister, Lila and she remains joyfully energetic.  We have just signed Lila up for a swim camp and we are hoping she will learn to swim this summer. She has been notorious for mostly playing in the sand or holding tight to Daddy. This is her year!

As many of you know Jason and I are both school teachers and we are busy finishing up the school year.  Jason and I are continuing to work on my photography projects and I am truly looking forward to photographing weddings with him this summer. The business is busier than ever and I know Jason’s creative vibes will bring great things to our work.

We are building a house which is due to be complete in August.  The windows and doors get put in this week. We are so excited and Jason and I are now hooked on HGTV. Jason also somehow stumbled onto starting his own Pinterest account. (He is quite gruff and usually against this type of thing) How did this happen? I love it!


Summer Goals:

Photograph more in Grand Rapids

At least two more visits to Grand Rapids

Photograph an engaged couple at The Art Institute of Chicago

Photograph a couple on paddle boards (Michigan or Chicago)

Learn more about gardening and buy a lemon tree

Sign up for two photography workshops

Rent this place for the weekend and photograph my family like crazy while we are there



My goals are not in order, basically just some things to think about and work on during the summer. Stay tuned……………



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