Naperville Photographer: Book Club: Wonder


I read Wonder last year after it was suggested to me by one of my students. Throughout the story, I could not help but cheer for the main character August. The book begins when August’s parents decide that he should attend school for the first time. Though he is set to enter the fifth grade, he has not attended school because of his birth defect. The author, R.J. Palacio describes August’s face as severally disfigured to the point where August does not go in public often because of the reaction from others. 

The story details August’s relationship with his parents, his older sister, friends, teachers, bullies and even his dog. I felt a deep connection to this story and had a strong feelings about how some parents at August’s school reacted to his condition. 

My son’s name is also August and many have asked if I named him after the character from Wonder. I have loved the name since I read, Water for Elephants though after reading this book, I was swayed toward the name August more. 

If you have children going to school read this book. If you are a child read this book. If you were a child read this book. Read this book. 


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