Book Club: And the Mountains Echoed

I wish I could take a photograph to somehow show you how this book made me feel. I read the Kite Runner in 2007, and I dare say, And the Mountains Echoed touched my life more. It is the type of book that not only keeps you up late reading, but also wondering what the characters are doing now, then you remember that they are not real.

This book follows the story of several characters through their first person accounts and travels through generations. The story opens in a poor village and introduces two siblings Abdullah and Pari. They are as close as I hope my own children will be and the care older brother Abdullah gives his younger sister Pari is simply touching. Their father makes the heart breaking decision to sell Pari to a rich childless family and thus separating the pair.

Many family stories are told in this novel, though through each page, I waited for Abdullah and Pari to be reunited. Khaled Hosseini once again created a flawless novel.


Read And the Mountains Echoed. I would love to hear your reaction to this book.

and the mountains echoes

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