Father’s Day: A Note to My Husband

Dear Jason,

You really are the best daddy I could have ever hoped for for our children. Here are just some of the things you do:

1. You stay by Lila’s side during the nights she is sick. When she is sick, you don’t sleep. You stay up with August when he is sick. When he is sick, you don’t sleep. You take them to the doctor and you worry about them endlessly even when their illness are exhausting.

2. You buy our kids clothes. You come home with the cutest sweetest outfits keeping our kids’ likes and personalities in mind. ( This does not take away from your tattooed manliness, you just like to keep our kids looking good.)

3. You read stories with Lila and sing with her every night. Your songs include; Love, Love Me Do, Rock’in Robin, Twinkle Little Star, Lollipop and The Itsy Bitsy Spider. You sing these with Lila in order every night, and I know Auggie will soon join in too.

4. You help Lila get the tangles out of her hair.

5. You are patient. Even when our sixth month old is screaming and our three year old is being stubborn ( which is often). You stay patient, even in the eye of the storm.

6. You have compromised your fear of germs to clean up some horrifying messes. I won’t go into details. You know what I’m talking about.

7. You genuinly love to spend time with Lila and August. I’m not saying that you don’t like to sneak upstairs for a nap from time to time, but you really do love to spend time with them. My favorite lately is our time we spend together in the backyard. This is the summer of bubbles.

8. This may be the most important. Our kids are shown affection and told they are loved each day. They both regularly have red checks from scratches from your beard while they are getting kisses.


These are only a few things that you do. You are truly the best daddy I know and we love you very much.



Julie, Lila and August


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