The Girls

Being a photographer means I really do get to step inside of people’s lives

The Blue Eyed Baby Boy

This blue eyed boy recently joined this lovely family. His parents love him dearly,


There are many reasons that I love my work as a photographer. The best benefit,

Naperville Lifestyle Photographer

Let me tell you what you have to do to prepare for a lifestyle session- nothing! I

Naperville Wedding at Meson Sabika

When I photograph a wedding, I am not a wallflower. I love chatting with friends and

Summer with Family Along The Riverwalk

I am so thankful that I am able to photograph this family often. Each time I see

A Riverwalk Walk and Engagement Session

I met Erik and Rachael about a week before their wedding during this engagement

From Naperville to Houston

I love my clients and I always appreciate when they send good people my way. This